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Welcome to Your First Job 

Are you starting your career journey? Worried if you’ll know what to do? Where to go? How to fit in? Yes, every first-timer feels that way.

No question, you need work smarts to be successful. Let Ed Bray be your guide as you navigate the first job fears. He’s a human resources professional (like the people who interviewed you for the job you just landed), and he’s got a ton of advice.

Enter your first workplace with wisdom and a copy of Ed’s book: Hello, Career: What You Need to Know to Be Successful in Your First Job so you can work smart in an office or remotely.

"Hello, Career is absolutely essential reading for anyone launching a career in today's complicated world of work. Ed Bray is a true expert... Read this book -- your career will thank you!"

- Lindsey Pollak, New York Times best-selling author of Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work



What You Need to Know to be Successful in Your First Job


Your first real job out of school. Day one. Help!

Welcome to the working world where having the ability to work smart will demonstrate to your company you are wise beyond your years and present a tremendous opportunity to dash up the corporate ladder. 

Here's the catch—learning how to work smart is not taught in school nor does it appear in your new employee handbook. 

This book is your blueprint to working smart successfully in a physical or remote office. 

A portion of sales of Hello, Career support All Within My Hands Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger, and other critical local services. 

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Paperback and ebook now available.

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What do you get when you cross cool, crazy, and happy with nerdy, corny, and cheesy?  A working smart blog, of course. 

Your emotional well-being will thank you for checking it out.    


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